Gettin' Comfy: Anna Cordell

12 February 2016 | 4:33 pm | Artist Submission

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Name: Anna Cordell

Artist/Band: Anna Cordell 

What is it about the venue that makes you want to do a run of shows there? It's such a classic Melbourne big comfy pub.There's just something really chilled out about the space, the staff are easy going, nobody there is trying to prove anything. The whole thing is super relaxed. 

Same set every week or mixing it up? Mostly originals, and a few different covers thrown in. Since I'm playing solo I'm taking the opportunity to test out new material and using it to push myself to complete song for each week.

Any special guests going to make an appearance during your tenure? I might get a bonus band member or two down with me to the last Saturday.

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Favourite position at the venue when you’re not on stage? Probably one of the stools and high tables by the window in the front bar. Good people watching! 

When are you in residence? Saturdays in February at The Charles Western in Brunswick.

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