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Gaslight Radio: Lucked Out.

11 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
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Gaslight Radio launch The Hard Luck Knights at The Healer on Friday.

Former Gold Coast residents turned Melbourne troubadours Gaslight Radio are back in Brisbane for the launch of their new single The Hard Luck Knights. The band took a bit of time to answer some questions about the upcoming show.

You’ve given us two songs from the upcoming album, do you think they’re a good indication of where the record is going, or are you trying to throw us off the track?    “I guess the songs are a good indication of where we are at- the recording was finished in the fifties, or so it feels like.”

Why so long since the last release?

“We’ve been hanging in the breeze over the last couple of years, mainly because of the MD of Zomba records, who as a friend of mine says is “the urban Quasimodo of rock n roll” he kind of didn’t like our songs or clothes. Anyway, we’ve had no money, and I guess we have too much pride to sell out, god only knows we’ve had the opportunity. I mean what is selling out these days? I have friends who write for newspapers, anonymously of course, and you’re telling me that they admire Murdoch and Fairfax.”

Ever miss the sunshine and happiness of Burleigh, or is Melbourne the band’s spiritual home?

“Melbourne is probably the phoniest place in Australia. I don’t really know anybody down here, so I spend a lot of my money on the ponies. There is no place for the lonely eccentric. I kind of feel like Billy Bob Thorton’s character in A Simple Plan. I guess I’m tired of the pawntickets, the eviction notices, and the Salvation Army food vouches. Culture is bullshit. Sure, the environment determines the personality and character of an individual, I guess I’ve become anti Melbourne rather then embracing the pseudo intellectual asphalt. I mean Burleigh is becoming gentrified which saddens me, mainly because of the councillor Peter Drake, who actually reminds me of a latte drinking wanker from Melbourne. But I still like the lorikeets in the pines and the Sunday markets - I guess Burleigh would be a nice place to die.”

What are your recommendations for essential tour bus listening or reading?

“I guess Midnight Cowboy, the book and the soundtrack are essential. And a neck pillow, a pack of Vallium, and sit at the back of the bus to the left hand side.”

Any famous last words?

“My mind, my mind, I can’t make up my mind. It is camped on the outskirts of someone else’s grime.”