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Food Fun: Snackdownnn

15 September 2015 | 5:00 pm | Staff Writer

Emily Naismith and Jess Ramsey illustrate colourful pics of foods going head to head in battle — and then write about how it all goes down! Here's one of the rounds. Check out the rest on their Instagram: @snackdownnn.


Prawn Nigiri is getting bored. He's been waiting in the ring for 20 minutes now. He's never been late in his life; Japanese precision. Was Prawn Cracker even gonna turn up? Prawn Nigiri turns to pick up his towel and leave when something catches his eye. Light bounces through a small translucent chip, feebly standing in the corner. Was this his opponent? Prawn Nigiri could take this lightweight in a flick of his perfectly manicured tail. Prawn Cracker squeaks almost inaudibly as her trainer begins to pour hot oil over her. She begins to pop and grow larger, quadrupling in size in seconds, all pink and pimply. Prawn Nigiri stands still in disbelief. "You think I'm cheap, don't ya boy?" Prawn Cracker says with sass. Without waiting for a response, she launches herself on top of Prawn Cracker. Her oily pores act as a vacuum and hold him there until he stops moving. Don't underestimate something just because it's usually free. Prawn Cracker wins.