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5 March 2008 | 5:34 pm | Staff Writer
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With a live performance that's good enough to get them invited to support US act The Matches on their complete Australian tour, Fifty Sixx are a band to watch 2008! Vocalist Benny Britton took some time out to answer these questions for us....

With a live performance that's good enough to get them invited to support US act The Matches on their complete Australian tour, Fifty Sixx are a band to watch 2008!

Vocalist Benny Britton took some time out to answer these questions for us....

Interview w/ Benny Britton

(Vocals) of Fifty Sixx

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By Cameron Chambers

Your name, what you do in

Fifty Sixx and your favourite pre (or during) show drink? 

I am Benny and I sing

in Fifty Sixx, and for a pre and post show drink I love Jagermeister mmmmmmmmmmmmm 

In your own words, can you

please tell us what Fifty Sixx is all about? 

We are a rock band with a punk

rock attitude. We have a good time all the time and we love to party. 

How did the band get together? 

Earlier 2005 we all played

in separate bands and decided to join forces to expand on our musical


Did you or any of the other

members have a defined idea of what you wanted the band to sound like,

or was it a case of jamming and seeing what came out? 

We had a faint idea, we knew

we wanted fat heavy rocking riffs with melodic singing. Then we jammed

and our inner personal style came out from each member to make Fifty

Sixx what we are.  

For a local band you guys

have a spent a lot of time on the road in 2007. What were some of thehighlights for you? 

Playing Soundwave last

year was great, being able to support The Matches was amazing

and just basically spending time with my best friends doing what I love

to do on the road makes me happy enough the rest is a bonus. 


Touring with

The Matches (US) must have quite an experience. Were their fans receptive

to you guys? Did the tour teach you guys a lot about what it actually

means to be a touring band? 

That band taught us so much,

they changed the way we looked at our band professionally, and they

showed us what a rock show really was and how we could take entertainment

to another level for fans. Their fans were very humble they were a pleasure

to play before and showed us a lot of gratitude, very welcoming.  

Your second EP

“Prescriptions For The Rich” was released this year. Can you tell

us about the writing and recording process? 

We wanted the EP to showcase

our songwriting ability and take us to that next step as a band writing

wise. We had just gotten a new guitarist Mark Barnes who has

brought a lot of new vibe to the Fifty Sixx camp so it came a

lot easier than the first. As for the recording that could possibly

go down as the worst moments of my musical career it was extremely long

hours in between touring and not a lot of time to get what we wanted

done. But we came through in the end and now we are all happy with the


Are you happy with how the

EP has been received? Is there anything you'd change about the recording? 

We are overwhelmed by the response,

people are loving what we are making so that makes it all worth while.

I wouldn’t change anything except more time to play with more mixes

and maybe a live feel would have brought a bit more power to the plate. 

What's the biggest difference

between “Prescriptions...” and your debut,

“Gun Powder Office”? 

We are a completely different

band, different values and different influences have given our music

a more open feeling. Gun Powder was a pop punk EP we did when we were young. Prescriptions is

a Rock/pop EP with a more mature in-depth approach. The album will be

another massive step up again this year and we cannot wait to get it


Sydney has a diverse and

competitive live music scene. Was it hard to find your niche early on? 

Earlier on it was defiantly

but now as you get older as a band you learn to create your own scene

your own show and learn to create a whole new diverse road that people

can follow you down.

Following your own plans and

doing “your thing” and not worrying what everyone else is doing

is the attitude to have. 


are the pros and cons of being a Sydney based band? 

Pros Great friends and fans

who support us at every show we play.

Cons I don’t think there

are many cons I’m totally happy living in Sydney and so is the band. 

Who are some

Australian bands you heard in 2007 that have impressed you? 

Ahh there are so many, Closure

In Moscow blow me away every time I see them.

Famous by Association

are an awesome rock n roll outfit from Mornington and Calling All

Cars from St Kilda in Melbourne are amazing. I could go on forever 

Top five records of 2007? 

Thrice’s “Water”

Disc off the “Alchemy” album is great.

Grinspoons “Alibi’s

And Other Lies” record has been cranking in the tour van heaps.

Foo Fighters “Echoes,

Silence, Patience And Grace” is amazing.

Chuck Ragan’s “Feast

Or Famine” is also fantastic. Check out the track “The Boat”.

Bob Dylan’s “Dylan”

is great cause when I’m home off the road my Mum never stops listening

to it and it has grown on me big time. 

What have you guys got planned

for 2008? 

Writing and releasing our debut


Then TOUR!!!!!!! Forever and

ever and ever 

This is your chance to plug

any upcoming shows, is there anything else you'd like to add? 

The Annandale Hotel 8th

of Feb and Newtons Playground with Grinspoon March 8th.