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Festival Artist Focus: Skunkhour

30 October 2018 | 5:23 pm | Staff Writer

"He landed on top of a port-a-loo and collapsed the roof."

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Answered by: Warwick Scott - guitar player

Which festivals can we find you at? Scene & Heard Festival

Sum up in five words your typical festival season experience. Excitement. Chaos. Mud. Dust. Fans.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a festival? A guy tried to climb the fence at Homebake in about 2001. He landed on top of a port-a-loo and collapsed the roof. He emerged covered in crap, and was promptly thrown out by security people who also called the cops on him. He had a shit festival.

Name your top five essentials you can’t live without while on the festival circuit? Beer. An acoustic guitar. More beer. Mobile phone. More beer.

What’s been your favourite backstage moment during a festival? Backstage supporting Midnight Oil in the late '90s. Jim [Moginie] and Marty [Rotsey] started playing songs from The Beatles' 'White Album' and a bunch of us joined in singing. We got through most of the album before our set. Best warm-up ever and a great musical bonding experience.

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What are your festivalgoer pet peeves, the things you wish people wouldn’t do at a fest? People should be allowed to do whatever they want at festivals as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

Three songs that are on your festival pump up playlist? Up to Our Necks In It. Do You Like It. Home. They are feel-good songs that we love to play and punters love to rock out to.

Aussie weather can be a hectic force come festival season. So, if you had to choose: mud pit or dust bowl? Dust bowl. Fond memories of festivals like Livid and Equinox where the dust kicked up by all the people blended in with spectacular sunsets to create a really magical atmosphere.

Which acts are you most excited to catch during your festival season? The Living End, Sneaky Sound System, Front End Loader.

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