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FEATURE: Staunch - Top 5 bands to check out at UnFun

19 October 2015 | 6:03 pm | Staff Writer
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This week, Staunch offer the top five bands you need to check out at UnFun.

UnFun returns in 2015. Taking place in Sydney, the boutique festival again features a host of local artists, with the event stretched across two stages.

Taking a decisively 90’s theme, over the weeks leading up to the festival, will run a series of ‘Top 5′ features with respective bands on the bill. This week, Staunch offer the top five bands you need to check out at UnFun.

1. Vices - High energy, great tunes and even better people: my first interaction with Vices was a Valve Bar show in February 2013 where they headlined a small show and played to about twenty odd people, but their performance and energy blew me away. Since then I have seen them release two albums & tour around the world. Never disappointed when I see them live.

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2. Lapse - Jackson Mcarthy is a beautiful human being and his band makes beautiful music. They are opening up so get down early and catch them.

 3. Columbus - This Brisbane three-piece are currently taking Australia over. Legendary blokes writing catchy, sad tunes about growing up, relationships etc. Their last EP was a banger. Already becoming one of the biggest bands in their genre and it's only going to get better.

4. Rooftops - Another sad boy three-piece. Played with these guys maybe a year or so ago and they have impressed me since with the songs they have put out. Really enjoy the vibe they have and they are on just after Lapse so again I urge ya'll to get down early to catch these guys.

5. Perspectives - We somehow did an unofficial weekender with these guys late 2013, I think. They were one of the few bands that got to play my home town of Muswellbrook with us - haha - what a rubbish place. They seem to have been pretty quiet as of late but I'm keen to see them for the first time since the Gideon tour. Good dudes, besides Eddie. 

Catch Staunch performing at UnFun, which takes place this November in Sydney. You can purchase tickets via The Factory Theatre.

Join the official Facebook event here.

*Main photo by: Nicole Goodwin