20 November 2015 | 4:31 pm | Staff Writer

Fairgrounds Director Ashley Sellers gives us the lowdown on the food, drink and activities awaiting punters at the festival.

Fairgrounds Director Ashley Sellers gives us the lowdown on the food, drink and activities awaiting punters at the festival.

More and more festivals are now giving as much thought to their food/drink line-up as they are the music line-up - we don't see the limited selection of junk and milk bar food any more. Why do you think that is? People are more discerning. They want a great all 'round experience that includes good, high quality (and dare I say it!) healthy food as well as interesting and varied drink options. The gentrification of the festival experience if you will. 

Fairgrounds is also showcasing the best of Berry. Are all or most of your vendors local? We have gone with a mix of city and south coast. It means there's something for everyone. 

All the food and drink stalls at Fairgrounds have been handpicked. How did you decide who to approach and include in the line-up? What food/drink items must we absolutely try? There are so many hidden gems in Berry and the south coast it was a little daunting at  first. We definitely had a shortlist earlier this year from all our reconnaissance in the region and I'm pleased to say that we have secured the majority of these for our inaugural year. My picks would have to be Milkwood Bakery's lamb and pine nut sausage rolls and chicken pies! The Treat Factory's wonderful locally produced confectionery, Creamly's handmade ice creams and sorbets, Silos' wines and Terra Australis' South Coast oysters!

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Fairgrounds has an entire section for kids. It's a great idea for families with small children — where did the concept come from? Fairgrounds has always been about staging a boutique festival event for all ages to enjoy, so Little Fairgrounds has been integral to our vision from day one. We're really excited to see all the young at heart enjoying all the fun stuff we have lined up at Little Fairgrounds! There's also the Fairgrounds pool for all to enjoy, so don't forget to bring your swimmers!

Then there's the cinema. How did you decide what movies you'd screen? What's your personal pick? With Fairgrounds we want to showcase Berry and what better way than to put on a free film night in the centre of town where everyone is invited to kick off the weekend of discovery sitting on a rug under the stars watching two great films. It's our gift to Berry! We're really proud to have partnered with our great friends at Madman Entertainment to screen My Neighbor Totoro and Searching For Sugar Man. We spent hours and hours looking through Madman's catalog of awesome films. Simply, these were our absolute favourites. They are both classics in their respective genres, unique films that some will know, some will discover, everyone will love. I just can't pick one over the other! For a wonderful family experience in a dreamlike, magical animated landscape, … My NeighborTotoro is gold. Searching For Sugar Man on the other hand is a heartfelt, honest depiction of the human spirit encapsulated in a solitary musician's songs and the story surrounding his life. It's a must see.

If you could have lunch with any musician/band, who would it be and why, and what kind of food and drink would you have? Well, last year I was lucky enough to hang out with The War On Drugs eating tacos, salt 'n' pepper calamari and drinking tequila. That's locked in the memory.

Fairgrounds will take place in Berry on 5 Dec.