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Evergreener Take Us Track By Track Through 'After Thoughts'

18 November 2022 | 2:49 pm | Mary Varvaris
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If you like Title Fight and Simple Plan, Evergreener could be your new favourite band.

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Evergreener sound self-assured. Every track on Melbourne band's debut EP, After Thoughts, out today, feels like a resolute statement. Featuring bright, in-your-face guitars, drums ripped straight from your favourite post-hardcore groups, and soaring vocals, After Thoughts explores internal struggles, relationship problems, and insecurities. The Australian version of Simple Plan, perhaps?

The band - comprising Matthew Stepic (vocals, guitar), Corey Vinci (guitar, vocals), Dale Kuczko (bass) and Jason Vulama (drums) - released their debut single, Deciduous, in May this year. Formerly known as Stand Tall, the group has changed things up and blends alt-rock with some familiar-sounding grunge and punk riffs.

"After Thoughts is a culmination of multiple different emotions within a chaotic, apathetic, and aggravating time period," the band says. 

They continue to explain, "Each song takes the listener through a whirlwind of emotions from the feeling of being fed up with the way people are, the sense of sinking into yourself and living through the eyes of someone else, being stuck in a torn-up world and trying to pick up the pieces to make them feel right again and, the exhausting fights that happen between you and a loved one even though you care about them so much. 

"The name After Thoughts comes from each song being a part of this band for a long time, at one point in time almost becoming afterthoughts for each member."

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The Melbourne alt-rock outfit has taken us track-by-track through After Thoughts to celebrate the EP release.

Death Waves

"Death waves is the title track and an opening statement of this band. The song is about being sick and tired of how other people want you to be/act/talk and not being afraid to cut those negative people out of your life."


"The song Sinking takes a darker approach than the previous single, Deciduous, as it describes the feeling of being trapped in a place where you're living your life through someone else, unable to control your actions and thoughts while feeling paralysed in your own body."


"Torn continues the darker approach as it speaks on being torn and unsure of which path to take when both are equally as hard to choose as reminiscing on easier times make the choices we face today all the more difficult."

No One Knows

"No One Knows is a more personal track off this EP. It explains the feeling of struggling within a relationship with fighting and arguing. However, you’re just trying to understand the other person, and you’re both exhausted because you still care about each other despite the things said."

After Thoughts is out now. You can listen on any streaming platform you like here.