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Event Focus: Born Lion Mini-fest ‘Bigger Than Jesus’

31 January 2019 | 2:13 pm | Staff Writer

"The shows are going to be wild."

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Answered by: John Bowker (Born Lion vocalist and guitarist)

The event: Bigger Than Jesus tour and mini-fests.

Why should punters head down? We have curated some mini-festivals with some of Australia best up-and-coming punk and rock’n’roll bands. The line-ups are ridiculous and the shows are going to be wild.

What’s the history of the event? This is its first year. We may replicate it, we may not. The events are a vehicle to realise our new single but also an opportunity to bring our little community together.

Any advice for first timers who want to visit the event? Be prepared for a night of killer rock bands and get ready for some extra loose times.

Who's performing this time around? Rick Dangerous & The Silkie Bantams, Fait Accompli, Dropping Honey, Whispering Jackie, Ess-Em, Birdsville, El Bastardo.

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Do you have any plans for the event in the future? We have several plans in the works but nothing official as yet.

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