It Only Takes Five Minutes To Change A Life

21 March 2016 | 3:55 pm | Staff Writer

"I hope people realise it's never to late to change what you're doing."

"I got mugged in Barcelona a few years ago," says Evan Hocking. "It was our first night there and my mate and I were walking down La Rumbla and long story short a woman came up and grabbed me on the stork and five minutes later I was down 700 Euros."

It's good example of something that'll definitely screw up your day, but more importantly, may very well change your world view permanently. And that's what Evan Is A Place On Earth is all about, says Hocking. "Those times in your life where there's a big change, whether it's a career change, a break-up or a big holiday you go on. It's about looking for your place on earth and all the things that happen in between," he muses. "It is everything that has happened so far in my life."

It's a life at a crux — one of those points we all one day find ourselves at where you weigh up your choices so far — though according to Evan it's making the choices that matters. "I hope people realise it's never too late to change what you're doing. A lot of my mates complain about the job they're doing and they say 'I've got no other choice,' you've always got a choice, you've just got to take a risk.

"I've changed careers about five times," continues Hocking. "My girlfriend's studying medicine in Ballarat and I'm telling jokes for a living. My friends are having kids, getting married, buying houses and playing golf on the weekend... It's a pretty different lifestyle."

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