Edition 1: New Undies

7 August 2012 | 6:52 pm | Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Tobias Manderson-Galvin is one of hundreds of Aus artists in Scotland for this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He bought new undies to mark the occasion. This is his un-skidmarked diary.

Australian playwright Tobias Manderson-Galvin is keeping tabs on activity at this year's
Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Do you have a fever? Are you feeling hot? You soon will.

If any one wants to turn up to VCA dressed as me and learn how to write for theatre just email me and I'll send you my timetable because I'm wagging my Masters Degree to spend a month in Edinburgh Festival Fringe with critically acclaimed play The Economist. Whilst here the cast and I are all living together in a dungeon. One thing that's really hit home is that when you live with 6 other people in an apartment you find out when they shit, wank and emote. This morning cast-mate Peter and I bought undies at Primark which we think are made by exploited African children, to make up for this we did the dishes.

Every year the Edinburgh Festival Fringe triples the ancient city's population and most of them travel here by giant stone spaceship. This is where Harry Potter was invented, The Iron Throne is here and in 2012 the Fringe has 2,695 shows. It's hard to imagine that figure so to give you an idea, if you had a dollar for every one of those shows you would have enough money to buy cast-mates (Caz)'s Toyota Corolla, which is in a garage in Brunswick (it's on Gumtree).

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The Fringe is the Olympics of theatre, cabaret, dance, busking and comedy and my show is competing in theatre. We're up against some stiff competition though. I saw a revolting show where they got two children from every local district and made them fight to the death until only one was alive (or on the night I saw it, two), they say they do this so they can remember the revolution. I saw another show where all the actors used sweat moustaches to have a wet t-shirt competition and I'm told they dryclean themselves after the show each night. Our show is called The Economist and it's about mass murderer and political terrorist Anders Breivik and for the past three nights a karaoke bar next door has sung Tom Jones' Delilah at full volume at particularly dramatic points. This situation has been solved by sending our producers over to sing Delilah back at them. The venue our show is in was on fire yesterday and when we asked the venue operators if they'd fix it they said the fire trucks had already come twice that morning and not to worry about it. 

Flyering and postering... Internet dongles... More shows... Cast-mate Peter demands to be mentioned in the diary more... will Caz sell her Toyota? Find out more! By reading.

*This was all written on a serviette just like our venue hire agreement.