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DREGG Share Their Favourite Guitar Riffs Of All Time: 'Absolutely Bonkers'

4 June 2021 | 1:39 pm | Tiana Speter

DREGG axe lords Sam Yates and Jordan McQuitty take us to Riff City!


Like chocolate, Lego or a new pair of shoes, guitar riffs come in all shapes and sizes; and whether you’re a diehard metalhead, rock'n'roll guru or a fan of funkier fare, chances are you’ve got a favourite riff (or perhaps more accurately: favourite RIFFS, emphasis on the plural. Who can pick just one, honestly?). 

While many of us love a wailing guitar to get the blood pumping, for Melbourne genre-oddballs DREGGriffs are only the beginning, with the scintillating quintet steadily carving a name for their ferocious brew of metal, hardcore and rap while tackling the woes of the world. 

Readily adjacent to the nu-metal renaissance bubbling away in the Aussie scene right now, DREGG’s most recent release Internet roasts the digital age with grimy glee, dripping scathing vocals, steel wool guitars and sprightly rhythmics in brawling fashion.

And while its accompanying music video certainly doesn’t hold back on mirroring the good, bad and very, very ugly of the internet era, Internet is yet another shiny example of DREGG’s flair for churning riffage; a fact made unsurprising by the group’s penchant for frequently building their songs around a starting riff and evolving from there.

But exactly what iconic guitar riffs make the cut for this colourful bunch? Ahead of their impending Internet tour to christen their new tune, come join DREGG axe lords Sam Yates and Jordan McQuitty sharing their favourites to add some shred to your world.


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Sam Yates - Fave Riffs

Lamb Of God - Hourglass

"The whole record (whole discog for that matter) is riffs front to back, so picking one is hard. But the intro to Hourglass has always stuck with me, so punchy and sinister. I don’t collect vinyl but I was gifted this album and it sits proudly on the shelf in my studio."

CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings

"Simpler times. Jackass was still on TV and Bam was doing… well, better than he is now. If you played THPS3 or skated in the 2000s chances are you know this RIFFFF!"

Audioslave - Cochise

"You can feel it coming from the second you hit play, epic build-up then the tension release dropping into that iconic groove. Supergroups rarely have the same chemistry as their main gig, but Audioslave defies that rule!"


Jordan McQuitty - Fave Riffs

Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade

"The opening riff to this song is tough as nails and if you don’t think it’s tough - you need to re-evaluate your taste in music. Turn it on and shake your head to the riff with the double kicks. Thank me later..... or maybe your physio."

Terror - Your Enemies Are Mine

"My first hardcore CD I bought was Keepers Of The Faith. This whole song slams HARD. More importantly, the first riff is absolutely bonkers and grabs you from the get-go. Three words, CIRCLE PIT BABY!"

Alice In Chains - Hollow

"Honestly, this whole band's discography is riff central, actually some riffs are pure genius. Hollow opening riff into the verse is simple, heavy and just sounds sinister. The triple threat you want in a riff."


DREGG's new single Internet is out right now, you can check it out below and head to theGuide for all upcoming tour dates in support.

CONTENT WARNING: The following video may distress some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.