DJ Booth: Klean Kicks

9 August 2012 | 3:45 am | Staff Writer

DJ Klean Kicks chats to us about the DJ world.

Daytime name: Adam

From: Perf Citaah!

How did you get your DJ name? I'm OCD when it comes to keeping my shoes clean. One of my mates came up with it one day and it stuck.

What you play... If you can get buckwild to it or chill out, I dig it. From hip hop to dubstep, grime, moombah and even some rock and jazz jams for good measure.

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What residencies do you have and crews do you belong to? I spin at The Manor every Friday night and the occasional Saturday, and at The Captain Of The Ship every Friday.

Career highlight: Supporting Xzibit last December and competing in the Red Bull Thre3stlye just recently.

Any awards? None…yet!

First set, and what was most memorable for you? A while back in a small bar called Canton. I was spun out at the fact that people are willing to pay you to drink and play some tunes!

All time favourite 12”? Hmmmmm, it would have to be my old man's OG copy of Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight…It's a 45 but that would be it.

Fave DJs and why? Scratch Bastid. I supported him when he was at The Manor and to this day I haven't heard a better party set. Also Gaslamp Killah, dude
was insane!

Fave producers and why? Too many! Off the top of my head I would say Pete Rock, Jay Dee, Q-Tip, Diplo and Kanye (Before he became a massive twat).

Best set by a Perth DJ and why? I've got to say Charlie Bucket. Just his enthusiasm and love for the tracks he plays shows, and it's so infectious that the crowd follows.

Funniest thing you've seen from behind the decks? One girl was trying so hard to get my attention so she could request a song that she tried climbing on the booth and ate shit so hard.

I dance like a… retard.

I play records like a… dude who stressed too much about the cleanliness of his shoes.

In 2020 music will be… probably crap.

Perth club/dance scene needs more or less of... Stop asking for requests! I loved it when I went to a club and the DJ educated you on music. Also, more DJs that can
actually mix.

Weirdest thing you've seen in a nightclub? The way some people dance. I'm not sure if they're listening to the lyrics or the music.

Best all time gig? I managed to persuade the DJ at The Bounty in Bali to let me have an hour on the decks. Apart from having half the gear not working, it was insane.

Worst trainwreck? That Paris Hilton video made me LOL.

Funniest record you've ever played out? I played a Biggie remix of Thomas The Tank Engine once.

Spend more on music than you earn? Unfortunately, my day job keeps the music coming in.

In real life you: Are a mechanic.

Production releases: Haven't got into production at this point but it's something I would love to get into.

More info?

NEXT GIGS: Friday 10 August, Fresh Produce, Ambar; Every Friday, The Manor