Miss Bliss

16 August 2012 | 6:00 am | Staff Writer

"Being a female, people will tell you you’re rubbish and not take you seriously, but ignore them… If you love it, stick to your guns, keep doing it and eventually they’ll come ‘round."

How did you get into DJing?, I used to sing in cover bands. I had a few friends that were DJs and I really wanted to learn, so I bought all the equipment and practiced my ass off and literally had my first club gig within a few weeks. I obviously started out really rubbish, but quickly got the hang of it and it just took off from there.

What led you to becoming resident DJ at the Playboy Club in Macau? I played all over Adelaide slowly building a name for myself and was soon picked up by a new management from Shi Events on the Gold Coast. Not long after there was an opening that had come up for a three-month contract at the Playboy Club in Macau. Leah (my manager) sent my press pack and mixes over to them. I seriously thought there was no way I would get it, but there's no harm in trying. Then I was selected in the top three and then eventually chosen for the job.

Any standout moments? There was so many… The pool parties were a huge highlight for sure, we were partying and casually sharing bottles with Lil' Jon, B.O.B, Ying Yang Twins and famous actors and sports personalities from all over the world. At times it felt very surreal but sooooo much fun!

What's it like getting taken seriously as a skilled DJ? How have people responded to your sets? I go to every club and mix every track and make sure the dancefloor stays pumping during my entire set. It really is a great feeling when you get great feedback from club owners and promoters saying, “Wow, you really have a lot of talent and can actually mix and dominate the crowd, great energy and your ability to mix is flawless… not just a pretty face.”

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How hard is it finding the balance between being taken seriously and not just booked on looks? Being a good female DJ has its good and bad points. Obviously image is a part of the whole package and can be used as a marketing tool, but you don't often get looked at as a very good DJ until you prove it on tour. So with most initial bookings image helps, but for rebooking and through word of mouth throughout most cities, I get booked on actual DJ ability and for the show I deliver.

A recent extreme case would have to be someone like Paris Hilton, what's your take? Everyone wants a piece of the DJ pie these days, it seems to be a big craze, and everyone wants to be a DJ. I think if you're really serious about it and love music and entertaining people then go for it. But please stay practicing in your bedroom until you can properly mix.

You've made a few of your own productions/collaborations, right? Yes, I'm in early stages of production and collaborations, I guess the genre would be electro-pop, quite commercial but still quite big room club anthems. I'm working with a few producers from England and a few from Australia. These tracks are also featuring my own vocals, so can't wait for the finished products.

You DJ a few different styles (electro, commericial, R&B etc.) is there one in particular you prefer? I love all these genres. I guess I don't get to play house out very much unless I am booked especially for a house club set. So I usually save all these tunes for a Thursday afternoon when I do a live stream radio/visual show on soundpond.net.

What's coming up for you for the rest of the year and beyond? This year I have a few international tours I'm very excited about! I will be mixing a very well-known compilation CD, can't give too many details away yet but very exciting. I'm playing the Main Stage at Parklife in Adelaide too.

Can you give some advice to aspiring young femme DJs looking to get in the industry? If you're really serious about it and love DJing and entertaining people definitely go for it! Hire or buy some equipment and get practicing, if you have more experienced DJ friends get them to teach you. Being a female, people will tell you you're rubbish and not take you seriously, but ignore them… If you love it, stick to your guns, keep doing it and eventually they'll come 'round.