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Dead Cats from Dublin

23 April 2012 | 4:58 pm | Stuart Evans

It has been said that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height. Irish comedic band Dead Cat Bounce chose the name because they liked it. “We started life by doing sketch shows before we moved onto do different things,” says lead vocalist and guitarist James Walmsley.

“If you put us against professional musicians, well, we're not musicians!” Walmsley says. “Comedy and music is always tricky...When you perform a song that lasts around four minutes it can become a very long four minutes if it doesn't work. We normally have a pretty good idea of what will work though.” For this year's show, Walmsley reckons it is all rock'n'roll, and then some. “It will also feature ridiculous trousers,” he says. “We've gone all out.”

Dead Cat Bounce also have a high profile fan: comedian and former Saturday Night Live regular, Will Ferrell. “That relates to our first show back in Dublin. We got told that Will Ferrell, his dad, and brother wanted to come in and see some comedy but the show was a sell-out,” he says. “So I kicked out some friends who had tickets so Will Ferrell and his family could attend. It was strange as the audience spent most of the time looking and watching him rather than us!”