Converse Reveal First Ever Reflective Chuck Taylors

3 March 2016 | 5:18 pm | Uppy Chatterjee

Converse are so great at what they do because they appeal to everyone.

When you think about how lightning fast trends go in and out of style (those all white Nike Air Force 1 shoes everyone had for a while, light-up kicks in the '90s though we have absolutely no qualms about this trend coming back, those plain canvas Rabens that people had to replace every month...), it's incredibly amazing how long Converse have been in the game, stayed relevant and stayed trendy.

Originally designed in 1917 (that's right, during World War I) and named for basketballer Charles "Chuck" Taylor in 1921, the folks at Converse are always looking for innovative ways to rejuvenate the classic design — be it through collaborations with Japanese designer Commes des Garçons, Italian label Missoni, streetwear label Stussy, Andy Warhol or Sex Pistols, releasing the shoe in new materials like leather or suede or simply using zany prints. This time, following Converse's release of the Chuck Taylor All Star II last year, the brand have unveiled reflective kicks with camo print — the Chuck Taylor All Star II Reflective Print.

My first thought: "oh my god, cyclists would love this."

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My second thought: "wait, this would be great for a breakdancer doing the windmill."

My third thought: "is the windmill a real breakdance move or something people on TV fed to us so we thought we knew something about breakdancing?"

My fourth thought: "these would be rad for ravers too!"

And that's when it hit me — Converse are so great at what they do because they appeal to everyone

Converse's product director, Ryan Case, said of the new design, "We were inspired by our consumers and being able to further enhance their creative and active lifestyles." That's just it: the fact that these shoes reflect light in a cool way (not to mention keeping safety front of mind) means that they'll be useful to literally anyone that might use them from day to night. Joggers taking a pre-dawn run before work, dancers who practise in the glass reflection of a corporate building in the evenings, needing their feet to catch the light that little bit more… why not just something to wear to a gig so your mates can see your feet as you're crowdsurfing to the front? The options are endless.

When you dig deep, Converse have made sure the shoes aren't just a pretty face (a pretty foot?). They've enhanced them with a Nike Lunarlon sockliner, a nonslip padded tongue and micro-suede lining, with durable reflective print canvas uppers and monochrome matte eyelets. As always, they come in hi-top and low, to suit each individuals' needs and/or personalities. And if camo print isn't your thing, the white on white camo is actually pretty chic and subtle, pairing perfectly with a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket.

Available from 3 March on for RRP $130, it's obvious that the reason Chuck Taylors suits the lives of so many people the world over is actually in its name — Chuck tailors to you.

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