Left In The Gutter

2 April 2012 | 3:15 pm | Staff Writer

Who directed the video clip?
Bodie J Smith

What's the concept behind the clip?
We're hanging out as cowboys in the desert, playing ten-pin bowling with longneck bottles, when Xavier (drums) cheats by rolling a spare and shooting the last bottle down to make it seem like he got a strike. Basically from that point on, all hell breaks loose and the whole band ends up killing each other, only to wake up in a room, bloodied up and playing our instruments.

How long did it take to make?
One day for the desert scene and half a day for the band shots.

Where did you film it?
The desert part was at Kurnell sand dunes in Sydney's south and the band part was shot at a friend's warehouse in the inner west.

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Who filmed it and how'd they film it?
Bodie J Smith, Kael Leak and John Silver – three buddies of ours helped film. All on one camera, I don't know what kind. A deceptive gadget that looked like a regular film camera but wasn't.

What's your favourite part of the clip?
The scene where I, Cass (vocals), kill Mitch (bass) with a bowling ball. It was actually a condom full of fake blood that I smashed and not his real, pretty face.

Was anything in particular inspiring you during the making?
Probably just the fact that a) we got to play cowboys/use fake blood etc., and b) the director is a mate of ours from high school, so nobody had any reservations in terms of throwing ideas out, over-acting or being ridiculous.

Will you be launching it?
It's out! Jump on YouTube and type in Chicks Who Love Guns! And then come to GoodGod on Friday 30 March for the official launch.