Bluesfest Discovery Artist Focus: Irish Mythen

22 March 2016 | 1:14 pm | Artist Submission

More Irish Mythen More Irish Mythen

Sum up your musical sound in four words? Contemporary folk roots songwriter.

You've been nominated as a Bluesfest Discovery artist — what will people discover when they come and see you? Hopefully they'll be tearing up one minute and roaring with laughter the next. Songs and stories that stay with them long after the show is over. A performance that left blood sweat and tears on the stage. 

Do you feel any more pressure for performing now you have this title bestowed upon you? The excitement that I am playing one of the best festivals in the world outweighs any pressure I feel.

It's your first time at Bluesfest — what have you heard about it and what are you expecting? The total energy from the moment you get there. How well Bluesfest treats their artists. Also seeing peoples faces light up every time I say I'm playing Bluesfest is enough to tell me it'll be the best I've ever played.

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Is it your first time to Australia in general? Anything else you're hoping to do while here? I just came back from a 75-show in 91 days tour of Australia and it was EPIC. Before and after Bluesfest I am touring with Melissa Etheridge so you could say I am doing exactly what I want!!! 

When and where are you playing at Bluesfest? 26 Mar 12pm Delta Stage; 28 Mar 2.30pm Crossroads Stage 

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