Bluesfest Discovery Artist Focus: Con Brio

22 March 2016 | 3:32 pm | Artist Submission

"You can't help but dance your ass off when you come to a Con Brio performance."

Answered by Casey Shafer — manager

Sum up your musical sound in four words: Inclusive, sensual, ethereal, dynamic.

You've been nominated as a Bluesfest Discovery artist — what will people discover when they come and see you? That Con Brio is a living, evolving testament to the power of soul. You can't help but dance your arse off when you come to a Con Brio performance. 

Do you feel any more pressure for performing now you have this title bestowed upon you? I wouldn't say it's more pressure but this is the most excited we have ever been to do a show.  

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It's your first time at Bluesfest — what have you heard about it and what are you expecting? Our friends and colleagues tell us that it is one of the best festivals in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We were also told that the festival staff, "really take care of you".

Is it your first time to Australia in general? Anything else you're hoping to do while here? It is our first time and we are unbelievably excited.  We just want to pet a koala… We are easy to please. 

When and where are you playing at Bluesfest? Crossroads Stage, 24 Mar; Delta Stage, 25 & 27 Mar; Mojo Stage, 26 Mar.

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