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Bluebottle Kiss: Hot Putter.

13 January 2003 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

Sleepless In Seattle.

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Bluebottle Kiss play the Yamba Golf Club on Friday, The Alley on Saturday and The Healer on Sunday.

“I’m still recovering form the after party,” Bluebottle Kiss guitarist Ben Fletcher comments on their recent Homebake appearance in Sydney. Anyone you want to incriminate in the party’s aftermath?

“I’m not sure,” he chuckles. “I don’t really have the security to… There were a lot of people still going who should have been in bed…”

‘Nuff said about that. For us folk interested in staying up past bedtime, the Sydney act will be making Brisbane their final pre Christmas stop over.

“Brisbane’s been good to us,” he muses. “It’s basically a good holiday. We’re playing at the Yamba Golf Club, and the guitar tech and myself are going to try and get a few holes in before we get up to Brisbane.”

Bluebottle Kiss frontman Jamie Hutchings took some time away from the band post Revenge Is Slow to record and tour on the back of his Golden Coach solo album. This left time for Ben to work towards the September release of Sleepless, the debut album from his other band The Devoted Few.

”It’s been good. Because Bluebottle haven’t be so busy, it’s been a big year for Bluebottle, but there’s been a good six months off that I’ve had time to work with Devoted. Almost every time we get a break from Bluebottle, Devoted have had a gig or been working on a single. It’s good to be able to do that.”

Can it be a challenge to give both acts the attention they deserve?

“Kinda. I mean it hasn’t been a problem for anyone at the moment. One day it might, but until that day comes I don’t really want to bother thinking about it. It’ll be fine, so unless Bluebottle gets huge it’ll be okay to juggle. Bluebottle isn’t going to be on the road twelve months a year. There’ll be another album next year.”

Do you have time set aside, at least in your mind, to get back into the studio?

“Hopefully by June. Bluebottle is going back to America in April, and should be back and recording around the same time.”

This won’t be the band’s first trip Stateside; what’s taking you over this time?

“A friend of ours in Seattle is releasing the record, and we’re going over in support of that to play some shows. Dates are being booked slowly, but it’s not looking like a big tour yet. We were there for four and a half months last time, and it got a bit crazy, so three and a half weeks is enough. We can come back and not have the band implode.”