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BIGSOUND Artist Profile: Tiger Choir

3 September 2015 | 3:55 pm | Artist Submission

 Member/Role: Elliot (singer)

Hometown: Hobart

Short description of your band and your music: We play noisy electronic pop music. Sometimes the guitars are louder than the synths, sometimes the synths louder than guitars.

Has the party side of the music industry been all you were hoping for so far in your career? We've never been to an industry party before, not really… so I guess we'll see...

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What is the best thing that's happened to you/your band so far? Playing Camp A Low Hum in New Zealand was so good that we went back a second time the following year. And the tours we did with Deerhunter and The Drums were invaluable experiences.

Are your ambitions mainly artistic or commercial? Artistic. I get more excited about making sounds that I find genuinely interesting and turning them into songs than I do about releasing them. But also commercial in that I want to play bigger shows.

Is your music best rendered in the studio or the live realm? Most people that have commented have said live. I can never decide.

If you could have any act past or present join you on your next tour who would you tap? The Beta Band. Though I'd love to see Young Fathers' live show, or to hang out with Shabazz Palaces...

What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? We're there to learn anything and everything from people who know what's up. If we can learn how to make a really good bloody mary then great.

What acts are you looking forward to checking out at the BIGSOUND showcase? Friendships. Baro. Rainbow Chan. Mangelwurzel. The Ocean Party. Tired Lion... There's a few.

Why should people come and see you from amongst the many cool bands at BIGSOUND? I'm hoping that over the next few years you'll be able to look back at that time you saw Tiger Choir play that little show at BIGSOUND.