BIGSOUND 2022 Artist Profile: Caroline & Claude

5 September 2022 | 6:05 pm | Staff Writer

Getting to know Caroline & Claude!

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Describe your live show in 5 words...

A fun, poetic, boppy daydream.

Who are most excited to see perform at BIGSOUND?

Beckah Amani!!!!!!!

What do you hope to take away from BIGSOUND 2022?

I hope to take away experience; I feel every moment in the music industry is a moment for me to learn. I also hope to make some new friends.

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What are you most proud of from the past 12 months?

Creating music that I can enjoy! it's still a weird concept I don't understand, (how one can just create something out of nothing) but I'm happy to sit in that mystery.  

What is a topic that we should be talking more about as an industry?

I think there should be more conversation around how we can make this industry more sustainable, especially with festivals!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I feel greatly honoured and blessed to be able to do what I do, especially because I get to do it with my sister :)