BIGSOUND 2019 Artist Focus: Concrete Surfers

29 August 2019 | 8:00 am | Artist Submission

What you need to know about your BIGSOUND artists.

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Answered by: Jovi Brook – vocals and guitar

Give us a short description of your music: I guess you could describe our music as The Strokes but born in Australia with a splash of pop for the melodies.

Which acts are on your must-see list at BIGSOUND? Super keen to see Johnny Hunter, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers, Private Function, Nerve, and just to make heaps of new friends! 

Why should people come and see you among the many amazing bands at BIGSOUND? I think we provide a fresh take on a really solidified and prevalent genre that's been developing in Australia for some time now and are keen to push ourselves and develop our sound into something more and more unique.

What music trends do you think are dominating right now, and do you have any predictions for the coming year? English post-punk has had a massive comeback over the past year or two with bands like IDLES, Shame and Fontaines DC. I'd label the music as positive punk because they are providing a gateway to start conversations surrounding current political and social issues compared to normal punk tropes. 

In your career to date, what have been the key watershed moments? Supporting Royal Blood was a pretty big one when they came to play Splendour in 2017, selling out our Brisbane single launches over the past 12 months has also been really nice! We had really big crowds at Valley Fiesta in 2017 and Against The Grain in 2018. 

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What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? We're excited to learn more about the industry side of things as it can get busy trying to write and play shows along with our day jobs/uni. It's also a great opportunity to meet with industry professionals in person too and establish relationships with people we want to work with.

What do you identify as the most pressing issue impacting the Australian music industry at present? I reckon the biggest problem within the Australian music industry is crowd behaviour and how that fuels toxic masculinity. Everyone just wants to have a good time when watching live music without the worry of being groped, punched or harassed and it needs to be fixed.

What is the best bit of advice you've been given to prepare for your time at BIGSOUND? Just be present and really have fun! Make most of your time getting to meet other interstate bands and form relationships with them! Take notes at conferences and just be prepared to throw yourself in the deep end to get your name out there.

When and where is your BIGSOUND showcase? 3 Sep, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, 8.20pm; 4 Sep, Crowbar Black, 8.50pm; 5 Sep, Oztix BIGSOUND Party, The Valley Drive In, 5pm.