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Baby Velvet Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of New Video 'Call Me'

20 August 2021 | 2:58 pm | Baby Velvet

With her brand new video for her single 'Call Me' premiering today, Baby Velvet takes us behind the scenes to see how the whole thing came together.

This is when Kewl Studios and Banalrama drove to Beeac to save the day like the deadset legends they are (our original car broke down and they drove three hours on their Saturday morning to sort. us. out.) 

This is Maggie Madfox, I had never met her before our weekend away together and isn’t she just a superstar?! Check her out online as she is also an incredible dancer <3

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Brad Pit and Geena Davis, eat ya hearts out. For this shoot, we were styled by the incredible Goldtone Vintage - 30 outfits for six women, all with shoes and jewels to match. 

Meet the crew! Caity and Tom (Lazy Susan) directed and produced this clip and you have actually never met two leaders who have worked harder all while remaining cool calm and hilarious. You can also see the nicest hardest working crew you have ever met - Marcus, Shawkat and Daniel. 

Zoe hair and make-up artist and intimately cool dream babe! 

Leyla is my soulmate freak daddy best friend who turned up and worked it out. With me till the end, 1am in a St Kilda car wash hand washing a vintage car after being awake for three days straight. 

How incredible is Francesca?! I would be SO lucky to be even slightly like her when I grow up. 

When I was on an Elizabeth clip I met set designer Quinn Veldhuis and I have been obsessed with her ever since. She built this entire motel room from scratch in a studio, with help from Roxy, Richens, made fake money, ran around Melbourne collecting props and all the incredible items you see throughout this clip. 

Welcome to Baby Velvets first single, I am so happy to be here. 

Check out the finished product now: