Album Focus: NOVAkILL

24 October 2016 | 4:17 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Warren Bones

Album title? (D)Anger

Where did the title of your new album come from? When I was playing around with some yellow and black hazard stripes I saw the possibility of a "DANGER" sign with the "D" faded to almost nothing, creating the 'danger/anger' duality.

How many releases do you have now? This is our fourth album.

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How long did it take to write/record? When we released our last album in 2009, we already had around half the songs written for this one, but life and work got in the way so it took us seven years.

Was anything in particular inspiring you during the making? Nothing new, just the same old dissatisfactions with society and people in general. I read a lot of science fiction and more of that has leaked through into the lyrics on this album.

What's your favourite song on it? We probably both think Gone is the best thing on the album.

Will you do anything differently next time? The way we work evolves constantly, although never in drastic ways. We will always work within the same technology-based framework.

When and where is your launch/next gig? 28 Oct, Hermann's Bar 

Website link for more info?