Adelaide Fringe Frusic Focus: A Masters Apprentice

21 January 2016 | 2:05 pm | Artist Submission

"Authentic, '60s, baby-boomer music."

Answered by: Peter Tilbrook

Sum up your musical sound in four words? Authentic, '60s, baby-boomer music.

Will you do a different show at Fringe or what you'd normally do at regular gig? No, this band and the level of production was put together for the Adelaide Fringe last year and the show SOLD OUT so we have put TWO SHOWS together for 2016.

Reckon you'll head out on the Frusic walking trail (taking in iconic music spots of Adelaide)? Yes, I will be travelling back to the '60s visiting all of the iconic pop venues of the day like the Oxford Club, The Princeton Club, The Palais, The Beat Basement, Big Daddies and The Scene.

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Why should people come and see your show? '60s fancy dress, cabaret, Masters Apprentices and Twilights music played by two members of these amazing, iconic Adelaide '60s bands.

When and where is your Fringe show? 20 Feb and 5 Mar. The venue is The Castle Entertainment Centre.

Website link for more info?