Adelaide Fringe Festival Focus: Fuego Carnal

1 February 2016 | 4:34 pm | Artist Submission

"This is extreme circus, up close and very personal."

Answered by: Sophie McGrath

Describe your show in a tweet? World premiere of Fuego Carnal, the ultimate fire and acrobatic spectacle, this is extreme circus, up close and very personal.

What was the inspiration behind your show? To create a show that was site specific for the new high-risk arts venue, Empyrean, also debuting at Adelaide Fringe. Fuego Carnal is full of spectacles that in any other venue would quite simply blow the roof off!

Tell us a bit about the creative team working on this project? The team is a global one, from Australia, Mexico, UK and Canada, chosen for their amazing skills in various high-risk arts, and for their ability to wow their audiences. They are a diverse group of personalities, with creativity and vision.

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What do you love about Fringe and why? Fringe is an amazing platform to meet other creatives. Coupled with the Adelaide audiences being second to none, it forms a melting pot of people with vision, sharing joy in its many forms — what is there not to love!

When and where is your Fringe show? Fuego Carnal is on for the whole month of Fringe at 9.50pm every night apart from Mondays. Housed in Empyrean the venue, based in Gluttony, Rymill Park, Adelaide.