A Day On The Green Picnic Suggestions

16 November 2015 | 4:23 pm | Lillie Siegenthaler

A Day On The Green awards a prize for the best picnic of the day. Here are a few things to pack with your rug, guaranteed to make your picnic game strong.

Short and sweet

Satisfy your sweet tooth with bite-sized beauties that are easy to sneak when no one is looking. Anything like rocky road, candied fruits, mini doughnuts, brownies or macarons is a must.

A spin on a classic

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Grab your favourite picnic staple and give it a little twist! People will froth over anything unique, like pumpkin scones, blue cheese potato salad, quiche muffins, tandoori chicken or salad skewers. Just think outside the basket!

Share your cultures

Keep your picnic cultured by considering something other than sambos — think snacks like sushi, dolmades, baklava, soba noodle salad, antipasto, homemade hummus, edamame… If you can introduce someone in your group to a cuisine they haven't tried before, consider that a bonus.