BIGSOUND 2012: All The Colours

26 August 2012 | 12:08 pm | Staff Writer

Five minutes with BIGSOUND 2012 performer, All The Colours.

Moriarty- vocals/guitar/keys.


Short description of your band and your music:
Citing themselves as progressive vintage, All The Colours have the ambition of making great music and girls dance. With influences such as the failsafe classics off a Tarantino soundtrack, it's little wonder this band is quickly and surely making a name for itself. Think '60s Motown dress sense akin to the Four Tops but with the swagger of Elvis and the guitar solos of Zeppelin.'

What are you hoping to achieve from showcasing at BIGSOUND?
Having someone like Franky Sharp in Wayne's World smoking a cigar come up to us after our show and say, 'You kids have got what it takes, I think you are gonna go far in this business. How would you like a record deal?'

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Why should people come and see you from amongst the myriad bands at BIGSOUND?
Come see us and find out…