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51st Avenue's Top 5 Tips For Pregnant Artists In The Music Industry

27 July 2023 | 11:13 am | Mary Varvaris
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"I was so sick of people putting their 2 cents in about whether I should be quitting music or slowing down," 51st Avenue's Alynnis Zizza tells Kill Your Stereo.

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51st Avenue (Credit: Jasmine Tan/Dune Labs)

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Today, Sydney alternative rock/metal outfit 51st Avenue drop their empowering, no-holds-barred, no apologies new single, Mind Your Own.

Singing over crushing guitars and demanding drums, vocalist Alynnis Zizza provides stunning Beyoncé-esque melodies over the metalcore background. On Mind Your Own, she fires back at critics who doubted her musical career post-pregnancy.

Using a phone app for the opening beat and synths in the track, 51st Avenue’s new song came together quickly, with the band knowing exactly where they were going with the latest single.

The band said in a statement, “We knew straight away what we were going for musically when we wrote this track. We wanted to blend the styles of Bring Me The Horizon with the eerie vibes of the Stranger Things score. The lyrics came quickly as our vocalist, Alynnis, was very early in her pregnancy, so it was at the forefront of her mind giving the track the lyrical message it has.

“It started as a beat and some synths made on a phone app. The rest of the track came together pretty quickly, we wanted a specific vibe for the track, so we knew what direction we wanted to head in. We’re really happy how it turned out!”

You can listen to Mind Your Own below and add it to your library from here. Zizza has offered her advice for pregnant artists in the music industry to celebrate the release.

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51st Avenue’s Top Five Tips For Pregnant Artists In The Music Industry

Absolutely everybody is different. What might work for me may not always work for someone else, which is so okay. Don’t let anyone make you feel like any choice you make is the wrong one if you know it’s right for you.

1. It’s okay to filter advice

Just extending on that opening note, you’re going to get bombarded with advice, stories and opinions from anyone and everyone. 

From the decision to continue, take a break, or even retire from the industry as a whole. 

It is so fine to let them flow in one ear and out the other. Pick and choose what works for you. It is so easy to feel societal pressures, which can lead to stress. Don’t stress! Make everything as easy as possible for yourself. 

2. Listen to your body/baby

Fatigue hit me like a tonne of bricks, and if I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I was so nauseous in my first trimester. Luckily for me, we only had one gig at that time. 

The second trimester hit, and we had shows on average every 2-3 weeks. If I’m feeling good, if bub’s feeling good, then we’re good to rehearse and good to gig. I get to see the other bands for a few songs but to protect bub, I spend most of my time off-stage either in the green room or right at the back rather than right in front of those speakers. Get heaps of rest if that’s what your body is asking for. I’m incredibly lucky that I have supportive band members. If I’m not up for something, I say so, and they always have my back.

3. Stay safe

You and bub come first. As much as socialising and mingling come with the territory, I was always cautious about how much of that I was doing at gigs since that was the most time I spent among strangers. You don’t have to isolate yourself. Just being wary of who might be unwell around you, or keeping to yourself whenever you feel comfortable.

4. Be comfortable

A huge part of the music industry we can’t deny is the image. I’ve absolutely loved having my bump out on stage and even filming for music videos, but hey, if you want the baggy hoodies and trackies, you do you, boo! 

Not everyone feels comfortable with their bump out in the open, nor do they feel comfortable moving about on stage. Allow yourself to be comfy, whether it’s your outfits or your stage presence. My movements have definitely lessened as I get bigger, but bub also parties hard in there!

5. Enjoy what you do

The biggest thing about preparing for motherhood is that I have no idea what’s in store when the baby arrives. 

I PLAN and INTEND to continue doing what I do in music with 51st Avenue, but we’re also very aware that things are going to change drastically. Again, I’m incredibly lucky to have the support from my bandmates, husband and family. We’ve been able to sus around and plan for the future with a little flexibility on my end which I’m immensely grateful for. That will be YOUR prerogative. 

I was so sick of people putting their 2 cents in about whether I should be quitting music or slowing down. This track specifically addresses that. If I want to and am able to, I will because I enjoy it! Same goes for all parents in the music industry. Enjoy what you do while you do it, and if things change, let that be your decision and don’t let anyone come at you for those choices.