Q & A: Dereb The Ambassador

2 October 2013 | 12:51 pm | Staff Writer

Daniel from Dereb The Ambassador talks bagpipes and seduction with us ahead of their World Music Wednesdays gig at The Basement.

Artist/Band: Dereb The Ambassador

Name: Daniel Pliner

What the best venue – anywhere in the world – you've played?: We played at the Cotton Club in Tokyo two weeks ago and we loved it.

Is there one country you particularly love performing in?: Japan, Ethiopia, Australia, Korea... any country which has people in it, we're into!

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What part of the world has had the most influence on you, musically?: The biggest influence on us musically is Ethiopia. African-American music and Jamaican music are also represented and being part of the Australian music world is really important too.

Where have you experienced music really impacting and influencing a culture?: On the street, in clubs, movies, theatres, bedrooms, kitchens, gigs.

When it comes to your band – is more always better?: Yes.

What's one instrument you wish you could master?: Definitely the bagpipes. For the purpose of seduction.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?: Yes, I take drugs and drink recklessly while the others perform yoga poses.

What's your favourite food dish?: Recently we have all become sushi connoisseurs. 

Can you recommend us a drink at the bar?: Any mid-range to expensive dark rum with ice and lemon. Please get me one too, thanks.

Website link for more info?: http://www.derebtheambassador.com