Lyn Bowtell

Location: Australia

Lyn Bowtell

Lyn Bowtell (born 1977) is an Australian singer-songwriter from Kleinton, Queensland. She has won ten Golden Guitar Awards at the Country Music Awards of Australia. She was primary songwriter and singer for the pop country trio, Bella (2002–2006). Bowtell has to date released four solo albums, Heart's in the Country (September 2002), Secret Songs (March 2012),Heart of Sorrow (July 2014),an EP 'Calling You' (September 2017)and latest album Wiser (May 2022). Alongside her solo career, since 2015, she has also been a member of Australian super-group, Bennett Bowtell Urquhart, with Kevin Bennett (see the Flood) and Felicity Urquhart.


2004 Heart’s in the Country
2012 Secret Songs
2014 Heart of Sorrow
2022 Wiser

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