La Roux

Founded: 2006

Location: United Kingdom

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La Roux

La Roux ( lah-ROO) is an English synth-pop act formed in 2008 by singer Elly Jackson and record producer Ben Langmaid. The act's debut album La Roux (2009) was a critical and commercial success, winning a Grammy Award and producing hit singles such as "In for the Kill" and "Bulletproof". Recording of a follow-up album was marred by unsuccessful collaborations, the cancellation of two planned release dates, and reported conflict between the duo.Langmaid ultimately left the group in 2012, and Jackson released a second album, Trouble in Paradise, in 2014, maintaining the former duo's name as her stage persona. The album was a critical, but not a commercial success, and La Roux subsequently parted ways with Polydor Records. She released her third album, Supervision, independently in 2020.


2009 La Roux
2014 Trouble in Paradise
2020 Supervision

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