Purple Mountains

Born: 4 / 1 / 1967

Location: Chicago

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Purple Mountains

Purple Mountains was an American indie rock project formed by musician and poet David Berman. The project debuted in May 2019, over a decade after the dissolution of Berman's previous group Silver Jews. An eponymous album was released in July 2019. The album was recorded primarily in Chicago and produced by Jarvis Taveniere and Jeremy Earl of the band Woods.The project's name is derived from "Purple mountains majesty", a common mondegreen of the lyric "Purple mountain majesties" from "America the Beautiful". Nashville Scene's Sean L. Maloney described it as "striking, heavy and maybe a little foreboding, yet it implies a majesty that is completely missing from the often-self-deprecating Silver Jews". Berman, the only member, died on August 7, 2019.


2019 Purple Mountains

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