Lo Carmen

Location: Australia

Lo Carmen (also known by her full name Loene Carmen prior to 2012) is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician, producer, author and actress. Carmen has independently released seven solo albums in the Americana alt-country indie rock vein. In February 2022 her memoir Lovers Dreamers Fighters was published by HarperCollins, "a memoir of coming-of-age on screen and in song that also pays tribute to the iconic Australian women—writers, rebels, activists and fellow musicians—who lit her way". Author Madeleine Lucas said in their Rushh magazine conversation, "At its heart, I felt like Lovers Dreamers Fighters is really a memoir about work. I appreciated that because creative work, like domestic work, is not seen as labour a lot of the time."


2001 Born Funky Born Free
2004 Slight Delay
2007 Rock 'n' Roll Tears
2009 It Walks Like Love
2015 Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You)

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