Darren Cross

Born: 3 / 11 / 1974

Location: Sydney

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Darren Cross

Darren James Cross, previously known as Darren E. Spielberg-Cross, is an Australian songwriter, musician, record producer and video maker. Cross is the founding mainstay lead vocalist and guitarist of alternative rock group Gerling (1992–2007). He started the E.L.F. project in 2007, which issued an album, Plankton Icke and Tina Turner David City Limits (2010). His folk noir duo Jep and Dep were formed in 2012 with his domestic partner, Jessica Cassar on co-lead vocals, which have issued two albums. Under his own name he has release four studio albums, _Xantastic (2016), Peacer (2018), Keeping Up? (2020) and Distorder (2021). The artist's instrumental folk guitar project, D.C Cross has released three albums, Ecstatic Racquet (2019), Terabithian (2020) and Hot-wire the Lay-low (Australian escapist pieces for guitar) (2022).Cross has collaborated with other artists, the Apartments, Kylie Minogue, the Avalanches, Jagwar Ma and Kool Keith. The musician has worked in diverse genres from commercial house music, indie rock-style detuned guitar pop, abstract electronica with Gerling to Americana-style traditional folk music. Cross has a music and video production studio, Bernstein studios and performs live in Jep and Dep and as Darren Cross or D.C Cross.


2016 _Xantastic
2019 Ecstatic Racquet
2020 Terabithian

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