Founded: 2007

Location: Montréal

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Tonstartssbandht (pronounced Tahn-starts-bandit or Tone-starts-band-hut) is an American psychedelic, noise rock band consisting of brothers Andy (guitar and vocals) and Edwin (drums and vocals) White. Based in Orlando (Edwin) and New York City (Andy), they originate from Orlando, Florida, and formed c. 2008 when Edwin was 20 years and Andy was 18. Their influences include the Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground demos, and Can live recordings. As of December 2017, the band has released 17 live and studio albums, as well as a series of solo recordings and collaborations.


2008 Water Buffalo
2008 Surprise Surprise
2009 An When
2009 Dick Nights
2011 Now I Am Become

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