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Spotify Launch Party

In Sydney

  • Channel V head for the food
  • Stan Walker and co
  • Arabella Alami, Jai Al Attas
  • Excited about Spotify
  • Laugh-a-minute
  • Dancing to Bluejuice
  • Playing with Spotify
  • Bluejuice
  • Bluejuice
  • Steve Watson (Reading Cinemas), Alaster Speirs (Sound Alliance)
  • Stan Walker
  • Tony Glover, Denis Handlin, Gavin Parry
  • 'Hey man, I'm trying to play with Spotify'
  • Kate Vale (red, centre) and friends
  • Simon Bernadino, Henrik Isaksson, Jamie McKeen, Gui Buju
  • The line
  • Nathan Tamati, Andi Tiomuara, Foshua Fonmoa (Young Mens Society)
  • Lene Ferris (OGB), Ross Purdie (AAP), Jo Horsley (Virgin Mobile), Jess Makin (OGB)
  • Mark Sehler, Trevor Rooney, Niv-Novak, Jason Lake (Sonos)
  • Didier Cohen, Danny Clayton
  • Claire Brundele, Julian Peterson

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