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Ruby Wax: Out Of Her Mind - 2341

Ruby Wax
Apr 1st 2013 | Liza Dezfouli
Veteran comic Ruby Wax was quiet for a long while (studying as it happens) and now she's back with Out of Her Mind: a comedy show which is effectively an astonishingly humane plea for greater and more intelligent understanding of depression, not something I was expecting. Wax brings her comic style, astringent, cynical and disrespectful, to her own story of a common yet unvoiced affliction and she's still as funny as all hell. Out of Her Mind is a truly moving and impressive journey, or journeys rather: the one she went on, the one she shares in the moment, and then there's what happens for the audience a collective, palpable sense of relief and recognition as Wax owns her depression and makes it safe for anyone else to follow suit.You don't need to have any connection with depression to enjoy this show but if you do, it's gold and glowing.


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