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Hip Hop Beefs Important Says Nas

Hip Hop Beefs Important, Says Nas

American rapper Nas has spoken on the hip hop tradition that is ‘beef’, saying that it is an important part of the genre.

The MC, real name Nasir Jones, was involved in one of the biggest hip hop beefs against his now friend Jay-Z, so he is speaking from experience.

“What I say to people is: When you’re an MC, you never know when your day’ll come to be in a hip hop battle,” Jones said.

“Hip hop battles are very important parts of hip hop as well. You never know when it could happen. When it happens, people get a chance to see what you’re made of... Those days are those days, but I’m looking forward to the new days.”

Like a lot of his counterparts, Jones is also keen to move into the movie industry, in the directing side of things. But music will always remain his first love.

“I feel like that, because I’m still here and there’s so many others who are still here, we’ll still continue to make music – so that means I’m excited to make music. So I am! And that comes off when you hear me talk, when you hear the music I’m making – you can hear the excitement in me that I’m happy to do it. Because you’d know if I didn’t like doing it anymore – it would sound like it. For some reason, it’s still in me – it’s still burning inside of me to make music.”


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