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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine On Soundwave: 'I Am Still Willing To Play'

Feb 10th 2014 | 11:37am | Staff Writer
Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has taken to Facebook this morning in the wake of his band's cancellation of all Soundwave dates later this month, saying he still wants to play.

The controversy surrounding the band's Australian tour started last week when Soundwave reported Megadeth had requested Jason Newsted's new band Newsted be taken off their Sidewave shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Mustaine denied this happening and laid the blame for the change in line up on Soundwave. This morning it all came to a head, and Megadeth withdrew from the entire tour.

“All I asked for was an apology for blaming me for something I didn't do,” Mustaine wrote on his Facebook page this morning.

“I am still willing to play, but the promoter would rather not apologize and prefers to say I asked him to lie, which I didn't. Am I the only one that sees how easy it is to fix this? The AJ Maddah that I know is a wise and caring man, and I don't know what has happened to my old friend. My bags are packed Aussie fans.”

Soundwave's AJ Maddah this morning said he was caught between being asked to lie on Mustaine's behalf and losing the band from the bill altogether.



Friday 16th October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Red Hill Auditorium, Red Hill

Sunday 18th October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park

Monday 19th October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Festival Hall, West Melbourne

Wednesday 21st October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Eatons Hill Hotel, Eatons Hill

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