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Iggy Azalea Speaks On Her Kanye West Affair

Apr 12th 2013 | 3:47pm | Scott Fitzsimons
Sydney-born, Los Angeles-based rapper Iggy Azalea has opened up on her alleged affair with Kanye West, which has been dominating tabloid and gossip papers around the world this week.

With media such as PerezHilton, the International Business Times, AOL and countless blogs all running with the story,'s Callum Twigger recently spoke to Azalea ahead of tour with the Movement Festival.

Asked directly about the affair Azalea said, “I was at the grocery store buying a rotisserie chicken to eat… and I ran in and got it and I was standing in the line, and you know when you're standing in line and you see all the tabloid magazines and shit and I looked at it and I was like… 'Kim gets dumped in Paris for sexy blonde', 'skinny blonde muse', and I was like what the fuck? I'm looking and it's my fucking face and I was like… [laughs] what? This is bullshit! I didn't know we were having an affair until I was like in the grocery sure, buying chicken… it's just like, and pictures of my butt, or whatever.”

In the same interview she said that not only does she feel objectified as a woman in the music industry but in life in general.

“If I was a man in the world, I wouldn't have to be subjected to discussions that I am subjected to as a women in the world, it's not just hip-hop. Yes, I think the world objectifies women, and I think the world makes us part of this discussion that I'd rather not be a part of at times, but it almost works in reverse – makes me come and make a song like Pu$$y, like fuck you guys.

“Even the other day, I won't say who it was, somebody I work with in a label… and [they said] like 'I like how she looked at the Brit awards, why can't she look more demure', and I thought 'Fuck you, you're a guy, you thought that that was a type of sexiness that appeal to you, something that was more demure, because you're an older man, instead of something crass, me in a colourful pair of highlighter shorts, you still wanted me to be beautiful in your own way, and kind-of, to me it's still objectifying me.”

She continued, “I think it's fucked up, because for a lot of the girls, we don't fit in, we have to feel bad if we are more sexual or bad if we want to have pink hair or if you want to do this… I've had people say, 'oh you're beautiful, but where are your tits?' you know what I mean? Who says I have to want any?”

Azalea has seen her global stock rise rapidly in the past 12 months and this week her track Work has bulleted from 53 to 36 in the UK singles chart this week. Along with her successes she has found herself in the media glare. In theMusic's interview she noted that the first thing that comes you Google her name is “a million pictures of my butt”.

“I think it is annoying to see that dumb stuff, and yeah it is annoying to be objectified, yeah it is annoying that there's a million pictures of my butt … [but] people are always going to interpret shit weird, or like things for different reasons, and fuck it. If you like my butt, you like my butt, at least you like something. I just have to look at it like that, or it'd be so frustrating.”


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