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The AMID has always been an important resource for the local music industry and the next edition makes it the essential industry reference.

From its inception in 1988 when AMID was created as a networking initiative, and music export tool, by the Federal Government’s Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE), it has grown to be the essential resource for the local music industry – for those already established and newcomers alike. A concise and comprehensive directory allows those working in the industry to connect and promote their wares amongst their peers; and this industry is based on networking and connecting with the right people.

Our staff update the print edition’s thousands of listings in a wide range of categories twice annually via the listed company or individual.

We’re current, comprehensive, correct, and have been for 23 years, with two editions published each in the first in June and the second in December.

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The next – and 51st – edition of AMID is the latest in the Education Edition series. It will have in-depth features on emerging revenue streams in the industry, the impact of technology on the business end and how to find a job – or create one for yourself. It also looks of breaking into the industry after college and a breakdown of typical contracts, all featuring interviews with industry experts and power players.

The Education Editions of AMID delve into the question of knowledge in the industry, looking at everything from a teenager with a pipe dream to a band whose song has just become a worldwide viral hit. Who do you turn to and where do you go to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and expertise required to make it – and stay made – in the music industry?

Listings for the 2013 Education Edition are now open

Listing forms are available here:

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AMID proudly unveiled in 2012, its inaugural Power 50 - a breakdown of the 50 people who most shape the Australian music industry today. 

Get the 2013 AMID Power 50 edition here and get close to the power!

We list the top 50 powerbrokers from a variety of music industry fields: artists, management, media, booking agents, promoters, major and indie label personnel, publicity and promotions, awards and music body leaders, pub and club operators and maybe even some influential hangers-on.

As part of the Street Press Australia publishing house, AMID has not only remained the most comprehensive directory but has also tackled the issues facing the industry - most recently pulling back the curtain on the normally mysterious world of publishing, as well as offering guides to parts of the music world that most start-up acts find daunting. 

The Power 50 is put together via industry consultation and criteria that includes public profile, economic impact and career accomplishment amongst others. Be a part of the Power and be armed with the Power.  Using SPA’s vast expertise and quality journalists, AMID continues to be a must-read as well as a must-have.

AMID has always been an integral part of the industry and its evolution over the coming issues will ensure that it continues as an essential reference and collector’s items.

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