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Pharrell’s Hat To Announce Festival Sideshows

Mar 7th 2014 | SPA Confidential
Pharrell’s Hat to announce festival sideshows

Pharrell's upcoming Australian tour with the Future Music Festival is going from strength-to-strength as rumours emerged today that the promoters are madly trying to confirm sideshow venues for his Hat.

Famous ever since it appeared at the Grammys, Pharrell's Hat is threatening to out-star its owner as it travels around the world. Inside sources have suggested that while Pharrell's shows are selling out, venues twice the size could be filled for the Hat's own headlining performances.

“Pharrell's great, but it's not who the people really want to see,” the source told SPA Confidential. “It's the spokehat of a generation, it gives people hope when there appears to be none.”

The Hat arrived earlier this week and has since been cited DJing at a Brisbane R&B club and partying at the penthouse level of The Ivy, while it is expected that is will be presented with a jersey by the Yackandandah Roos Football & Netball Club next week.

It's not all been smooth sailing though, with tabloid rumours suggesting that the Hat may be the subject of a recently-recorded sex tape with one of the Real Housewives Of Melbourne. There are also un-confirmed allegations that the Hat punched a member of the paparazzi when leaving a hotel earlier this morning.

It is understood that a planned interview between Karl Stefanovic and Pharrell has been scrapped so that Stefanovic can do an in-depth TV journalism think piece with the Hat instead.

Word has also reached SPA Confidential that a high ranking executive at fast food chain KFC are considering re-shaping their chicken buckets to look more like the Hat.


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